Fitness Classes Newquay
All classes taught by CRB checked, fully insured and experienced instructors.

Classes classes classes. Need more motivation? Have one of our instructors do all the planning and hard work. You just turn up and switch on. We both have both martial arts classes and general purpose fitness classes. All our instructors have athletic backgrounds. Other gyms may have 1-day course instructors with very little athletic or real world experience.

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Kickboxing Beginners

Our beginners kickboxing is suitable for anyone wanting to learn the basics and/or get fit and tone up in an exciting fun environment.

Typical classes include: warm up, dynamic stretching, fitness games/drills, pad work, bag work technique and combinations.

Our goal is to raise your confidence, get you fitter, more flexible and introduce the footwork and striking skills needed to defend yourself or go through your gradings.

Thai / Kickboxing Advanced

Things start to get more serious, our classes work outside of the traditional kickboxing syllabus and you will be taught the differences of and how to use Muay Thai striking, traditional Boxing, Kickboxing and Karate.

Sparring is introduced. A decent level of fitness is assumed so we work conditioning, strength and speed drills. We welcome anyone with experience in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai / Thai Boxing, K-1, Tae Kwon Doe or similar. We also have a fighter squad that competes regularly at local inter clubs, shows and tournaments.

Bag Blast

Pure fitness fun. NO TEACHING, NO TECHNIQUE. A strictly short intense blast of fitness. typically 10min warm up, 10 x 2 mins on bag with 1min rest then 5 min cool down / stretch. Excellent cardio fitness as well as improves hand speed.

Grappling / MMA

Our NO-GI submission and MMA classes are taught by Kevin Derington. Girls and Guys are welcome and the standard is both beginners through to advance. Classes typically include warm up, demonstrations of technique, partner mimic/practice of drill/technique. Then light rolling/sparring at the end.  -The ultimate in self-defence.