Watson safety squat bar arrived (finally)

Whoo hoo!

A little late xmas gift to ourselves. Koncept Academy have just taken delivery of a brand spanking new Watson safety squat bar.

I’ve added Watsons own description below if you want a read of you can click a link to their website at the bottom.

Regardless, I have tested over a dozen safety squat bars last yr,and after having a play with this one at BodyPower we knew this was the bar to get. It’s a bit more expensive but comes with the cambered bar and superior padding.

From Watson website:

“The Watson Safety Squat Bar (also known as the Hatfield Bar) allows you to perform all types of squat movements in much more comfort than with a traditional straight bar.

Handles at the front of the bar reduce shoulder strain and the design of the Safety Squat Bar allows you to let go completely of the bar and it will stay securely positioned with the load spread comfortably over the 3 pads.

Loads of our customers have told us how squatting with the Watson Safety Squat Bar while gently holding onto the uprights of a Power Rack allowed them to train way beyond their usual limits and with a lot more comfort.

The Watson Safety Squat Bar is constructed from 30mm solid high-tensile steel and will fit an Olympic Power Rack.

Our bar will handle over 400 Kg and is great for squats, good mornings, lunges and loads more!

Works really well for performing standing calf raises from a Calf Raise Block – the hands are free to hold onto something for balance.

Strongman Eddie Hall using the Watson Safety Squat Bar…