Private Lessons

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Private lessons and Personal training / 1-2-1 sessions

Our private sessions are split into 1-2-1 and programming for martial arts / MMA / Thai Boxing or Programming, personal training for Sports Specific events, personal training and nutrition for Body Building, Fat loss and Body Composition.

We have programmed athletes for CrossFit, Bodybuilding, MMA, Long distance / Charity runs and Military personnel. We have successfully trained males and females to smash Marine, RAF and NAVY selection.

Meet the trainers…

MMA / Thai Boxing

Dirk Parker

Dirk specialises in MMA and particular Thai Boxing private 1-2-1 lessons. Dirk constructed the popular 6 week MMA fundamentals course which will lay the foundation for your MMA skills. Many MMA gyms across the country have copied this syllabus which i created 5 years ago, I must be doing something right!! – “A 6 weeks private lessons block can be the equivalent to 6 months in a normal class environment due to the added level attention I can give you.”

A lot of beginners will have 3/4 MMA session before starting the classes top get their basic skills up and raise confidence. My true passion is fight prep. Training guys and girls to fight in the ring or Cage. Analytical and always open minded to new training protocols. Dirk is a fully qualified personal trainer with a BTEC N.D. in sports science. In 2013 he completed his CrossFit level 1 instructors course.

Cost £30 / session or £150 for a block of 6

Tel: 07890264387 or click my facebook badge to visit Dirks facebook profile. Alternatively email

Mark Rowlett

Multiple belts and titles in striking and grappling. Mark teaches the classes within Koncept and is available for personal training and private or group sessions in Thai/Kickboxing, Grappling, wrestling and MMA coaching. £30/hr

Tel: 07725029299 or Send “Staff Koncept” a Facebook message