Advanced Thai Boxing

Advanced Thai / Kickboxing is more Muay Thai orientated, although we still encourage students to also take up boxing to improve “hand skills”.

Advanced Thai Boxing classes are more geared up towards the fighter. It assumed you can demonstrate all the basic punch kicks and combinations required. Sessions are more physically challenging and sparring orientated. Warm-ups will include leg conditioning, body conditioning and harder sparring.

N.b. Please do not attend this class if your aim is to “lose some weight /tone up”. Beginners Kickboxing or circuits/body blast will be more appropriate. If we do not feel you are at the standard required to participate you may be asked to drop back to the beginners class. Speak to Mark or Dirk if unsure.

Classes will be taken by Multiple Karate champion Akos Aladics, Head Instructor Mark Rowlett or Dirk Parker.