Beginners Kickboxing

Beginners Kickboxing / Thai Boxing / Muay Thai classes in Newquay, Cornwall

Beginners Kickboxing is a fusion of Muay Thai – Thai Boxing – Kick boxing – Boxing and Karate.

Beginners classes focus on fitness and basic techniques. You will be working with partners doing Pad work. All Pads supplied.

What to Bring?

Loose shorts, t-shirt or vest, 10oz Gloves are preferable (although we do have spare for first timers) and shin guards.


There is NO SPARRING during the beginners classes.

The beginner Kick/Thaiboxing classes are designed to give a good work out and provide the basics to develop to the advanced classes, the class consists of:

Warm up – Often consisting of fun drills.

Dynamic stretching – The best form of stretching before exercise

Circuit – A small workout to get your blood pumping (usually 15 x 30 second rounds)

Bagwork or pad work – This is where you learn the necessary skills to perform dynamic kicks and punches.

Cool down and Isometric Stretching – a couple of minutes moving at a slow pace followed by holding stretches for 30 seconds.

The instructor is Mark Rowlett who is still an active fighter in thaiboxing and mma at 65kg.