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Welcome to Koncept Gym. Newquays premier strength & conditioning  facility.

Expect Life Fitness cardio equipment, Concept 2 rowers, Life Fitness cable and isolation equipment. Alongside the most comprehensive free weight and functional fitness area. Squat racks, lifting platforms, bumper plates and Proper Olympic bars. Lifting chains and bands a also a staple at Koncept.

Cardio Equipment: All supplied by LifeFitness. Treadmills, CrossTrainers, Bikes, and steppers
Industry leading Concept2 rowing machines
Fixed resistance equipment for every bodypart:
Free weights functional fitness area:3 squat racks, 3 lifting platforms, 300kg +bumper plates, 500+ kg free weights, pull up bars, plyo boxes, Kettlebells and dumbells all the way up to 77kg!!! Olympic lifting bars, lifting chains, 50kg Tyre for flipping, puch bags for boxing and Muay Thai

Fully qualified Staff are at hand to offer training advice, dietary tips or full workout programs.


Famous for our functional fitness classes. Koncept have a reputation for fitness classes that WORK!! Are classes follow our ethos on full body functional fitness. Click the links for detailed info on….BagBlast, Circuits, Core / abs class,Kettlepump.


Muay Thai/Thai boxingKickboxingKids Karate, Judo, Jui jutsuMMA, submission Grappling, Amateur Boxing.

Koncept Gym martial arts classes are open to everyone from beginners to advanced.

If you want it you got it. These styles of martial arts have proven to be the most effective forms of self defence going. Our beginners classes focus on improving confidence, fun, fitness and flexibility.

Our Advanced classes are focused on competition, gradings and sparring. Koncept Gym have an excellent record in Thai Boxing and MMA and regarded as the topMMA gym in Cornwall.

You are welcome to watch a class or just drop in and have a chat to a senior instructor at any time.

Koncept Gym Newquay is also available for open training sessions, where you can use the facilities provided for £4.50. Facilities include:

  • Training area with mats
  • MMA cage
  • Weights
  • Cardio Suite
  • Punch and Kick bags
  • Pads, gloves and ropes

The koncept gym Newquay store sells martial arts gear, boxing gloves and apparel at discounted rates

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Koncept Gym & Fitness. Newquays premier strength & conditioning facility.